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Cleanroom Air Filter Equipment

    1. Air ShowerAir shower rooms are local purification equipment, used for the removal of dust particles larger than 0.5μm brought in by people or goods when entering a high cleanliness clean room from a low cleanliness clean room. Air flow when opening the door may cause pollution, which is why an air shower room confines the airflow inside the room, thus preventing air pollution and minimizing pollution problems.
    1. Fan filter unitsThe fan filter unit (FFU) is an air self-cleaning device that is equipped with both a primary and high-efficiency two-stage filter device. The air intake comes through the fan top, and is filtered through the two stage filter device. Clean air is then sent out through the outlet.
    1. Terminal Fan filter units A high-efficiency air vent filter is a terminal filtration device applicable for all clean room classes. With the integrated structure, it is ideally suitable for compact structures that must be used in a clean room due to limited space. In addition, it is also applicable to the aluminum alloy keel structure clean room and other local purification equipment.
    1. Transaction WindowThe pass box is a purification device that is mounted on the wall between different clean room levels in order to transfer articles and workpiece products.

Youjie Purification Equipment Company specializes in the production of air filters and other air cleansing products. We offer customers air filtration solutions through high quality filtration materials, filter frames, and filter racks. Youjie can produce a broad range of air filters from primary to high air filtering systems. We have an experienced staff with deep knowledge of air purification technology and methods. We can deliver air solutions for both residential and industrial needs.

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