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Residential Air Filter

    1. Washable Air Filters/  Electrostatic filtersThe antibacterial treated primary air purifier prefilter replacement can filter suspended matters with a particle size greater than 5μm such as dust, hair, pet hair, etc. in the atmosphere. It is the most commonly used filter material in air purification with low initial resistance, mainly used for pre-filtration of the purification system to extend the life of the HEPA filter.
    1. Antimicrobial Air FiltersThe antibacterial air filter replacement uses low initial resistance substrate as filter material with different antibacterial agents embedded or sprayed on it to kill pathogenic microorganisms or effectively inhibit their growth and reproduction.
    1. Activated Carbon Panel FilterThe air filter replacement uses activated carbon as main filter media with good surface adsorption ability to effectively remove odors and harmful gases in the air. Different activated carbon materials can be selected according to the needs of the environment such as activated carbon particles, activated carbon non-woven fabric, etc.
    1. Residential HEPA FilterHEPA filter replacements can effectively filter fine particles larger than 0.3μm. The antibacterial coating can inhibit bacteria, mold and select viruses. HEPA filter replacements feature a 99.97% filter efficiency for particles larger than 0.3μm at 5.33 cm/s wind velocity.

Youjie Purification Equipment Company specializes in the production of air filters and other air cleansing products. We offer customers air filtration solutions through high quality filtration materials, filter frames, and filter racks. Youjie can produce a broad range of air filters from primary to high air filtering systems. We have an experienced staff with deep knowledge of air purification technology and methods. We can deliver air solutions for both residential and industrial needs.

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