Panel Filters

    1. Non-Pleated air filtersPrimary panel air filters are designed with simple structures that are easy to disassemble and install. They can be used as pre-filter systems for basic filtration devices including central air-conditioning fresh air handling units, ventilation systems, air compressors, clean room return air filtration systems ...
    1. Pleated air filtersThe filter media structure of the pleated air filter is a V-shape pleat, which increases the contact area with air and therefore improves the dust holding capacity. The main material of the filter media is a composite filter cotton or double-sided bonding metal mesh, cardboard frame or metal frame are optional for the frame.
    1. Welded Wire Pleated air filtersThe galvanized metal mesh protection grid of the metal frame air pre-filter is welded and forms an inverted frame. Then the V-shaped filter cotton is fixed in the middle of the protection grid. The outer frame is made of aluminum alloy or other metal. The metal frame air pre-filter is sturdier than other kinds of pre-filters.
    1. Metal Washable FiltersThe main filtering structure of the metal mesh air filter is made of multi-layer aluminum foil or stainless steel mesh, the frame is also made of aluminum profile, which can withstand up to 300°C. Therefore, in addition to the pre-filter of the central air-conditioning system, the metal mesh air filter is also suitable for ventilation filtration in acidic or high environments.
    1. Mini-pleat HEPA Air filtersTheThe HEPA purifier replacement air filter can trap 0.1~0.5μm fine particles with uniform wind velocity and stable efficiency, so it is generally used at the final stage of clean room or clean bench air filtration units below 1000 class.
    1. Mini-pleat HEPA Air filters(With Liquid)The liquid sealed HEPA air filter is sealed by a mechanical pressing device so the seal is more reliable and the cleanliness can reach 100 class. It is an ideal final stage filter for industrial or biological clean rooms and is also an ideal auxiliary filter for other purification equipment.
    1. HEPA filter with clapboardPaneled high efficiency air filters can trap 0.3~0.5μm fine particles. They are mainly used for the final stage air filtration of the purification equipment used in the production facilities of electro-optics, biological laboratories, food and beverages, semiconductors, touch screen LEDs, high efficiency air vent filter, and air showers.
    1. High temperature filtersThe high temperature air filter use separators to maintain the precise spacing of the pleats to make most of the filter media. Therefore, the filter has advantages of large air volume, low resistance and uniform wind velocity, meanwhile, it can adapt to high temperature environments.

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