• High efficiency particulate air Filter HEPA Filter Superior quality | Customizable air filter available
  • Youjie has been specializing in producing HEPA air filters since 2008 The filter efficiency achieves up to 99.999% at 0.12um
  • Air filter for air purifier in the laser cutting machine or soldering tin table

About Us

Dongguan Youjie Purification Technology is a specialized manufacturer of air filtration products. Air filtration components help some machines to operate more efficiently and prevent the release of harmful particles into the surrounding air. Our main line of products includes pre-filters, bag filters, HEPA air filters, and many more outstanding components. Youjie purification products cover a broad scope of application from industrial equipment all the way to residential air filtration. From the company’s founding in 2008, Youjie has been establishing and growing a reputation for a high degree of quality for its products and services. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our outstanding air filters or the company in general. Details


We can provide customers with OEM and ODM processing services
according to samples or drawings submitted.

  • Custom orders and requirements
  • Design and material procurement
  • Sample production
  • Sample inspection
  • Comfirming sample with customer
  • Place order